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Sweetser Telephone uses the advanced Nortel DMS Digital switch to provide reliable service to their customers. Installation, repairs and service is normally handled within 1 business day (usually the same day). We're confident that not only can we meet your residential needs, we can also provide the very best in business communications for your local" company as well. All backed by our knowledgeable service department to help keep your communications flowing. After all, good communications is essential to keep your company competitive & growing! Just give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss a telephone service solution to suite most any situation! Whether your just calling friends or family from home, or making important business decisions for your company, you need a quality telephone service that is reliable and friendly to the needs of the customer.  Sweetser Telephone Co., we'll be there now, and we'll be looking forward to another 100 years of servicing the community.

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2002-2003 Sweetser Telephone Company(est.1903)  *Copyright 2002 Nortel Networks Limited ("Nortel Networks"). All Rights Reserved. **Only available at this time in Sweetser Telephone exchange (384). DSL Service Provided through Comteck Communications of Indiana. Comteck is solely owned and operated by Sweetser Telephone Co., and is the largest independently owned regional Internet Service Provider in the area."some services may not be availible for businesses outside the (384) or (765) calling area, however, for detailed coverage information for your area please call us at 1-(756)-384-4311