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FCC Opt-In Plan for (Customer Proprietary Network Information) CPNI

Your Customer Proprietary Network Information Rights 

In the normal course of providing your telephone service, Sweetser Telephone Company maintains certain information about your account. This information, when matched to your name, address and calling or originating billing telephone number, is known as your customer specific "Customer Proprietary Network information," or CPNI for short. Examples include the type of line you have,  service features like Touch tone and  Caller ID, class of service, telephone charges, long-distance and local service billing records, directory assistance charges, and historical call records and patterns. Some service providers, elected by you, offering additional telecommunication services, such as INTRA/INTER LATA long-distance providers and Internet call-forwarding services, may have customer information and historical call data. You should consult the third party vendor's CPNI policy for information on their use, privacy, and your rights, of your CPNI. 

Currently, Sweetser Telephone Company does not market additional services, nor do we sell customer information to any third party. However, we reserve the right, afforded by law, to  use your CPNI to market additional local telephone services to you in the future, as well as enhanced features and long distance services if we already provide that type of service to you. The Federal Communications Commission has adopted rules stating that Sweetser Telephone Company may not use your CPNI to market certain telecommunications related services or features to you if you have requested that the CPNI be considered "restricted/opt-out" for this purpose. If you wish to have your CPNI "restricted/opt-out," call the Sweetser Telephone Company office at (765)384-4311 during our normal business hours. Tell us that you wish to restrict our use of your customer information. The restriction will remain in effect until you notify us otherwise. Please note that restricting your CPNI will not eliminate all of our marketing contacts with you. You could still receive marketing contacts from us that are not based on your CPNI. Also, we are permitted to use your CPNI to contact you about additional local telephone and other services when we already provide you that same type service. Finally, even if your CPNI is restricted, we may still use it to market any other telecommunications services or features with your permission if you contact us and ask about them.

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